Paggi Pazzo tries the Grill Pizza Kettle Kit

8 May

As I have continued to research and review potential brick oven pizzas for my backyard, I spent a small sum to buy the Pizza Kettle Grill and try to replicate a brick oven pizza taste for my favorite Romano and Napoletana recipes. Thus far I have to say the product has been pretty good and worth the purchase. There’s some minor challenges and difficulties but for quick wood-fired pizza this kit is a good solution.

Grilling pizza with the kettle kit grill with Paggi Pazzo

Grilling pizza with the kettle kit grill with Paggi Pazzo

The Pizza Kettle Grill comes with a wire box/cage that goes under the pizza kit and separates the charcoal around the pizza cooking area. The kettle itself has an open top and attaches to the cooking surface level of the grill with the top of the grill placed over it. The heat escapes quickly so I went to Home Depot to cut a steel plate top that is directly over the pizza stone and allows the open flames over the edge to flow directly over the pizza. This provides a more consistent temperature for how the top of the pizza cooks compared to the bottom. This is important as the top of the pizza will sometimes cook slower and the kettle grill’s heat can climb as high as 900 degrees, cooking the pizza in 2-3 minutes and if not monitored may give you a slightly burned bottom crust with under cooked toppings. The modification I made of adding the steel plate has reduced these potential problems significantly.

Another downside I’ve found to the pizza kit is a a full cylinder of charcoal is needed to heat the grill for cooking. I don’t use lump hardwood charcoal in this case as it burns very fast and won’t last as long as regular charcoal briquettes (and because they are not directly under the food I don’t have concerns about the carcinogens). Once the charcoal is ready I place it around the wire-cage and add a handful more of unheated charcoal briquettes and pecan wood chunks. My first pizza typically comes out the best and I find that around 750 degrees is the ideal heat. Pizza 2 and 3 I need to lift slightly so the top of the pizza is cooking nicely under the metal plate I inserted but the char on the dough is usually better than the first.

Grill pizza outdoors with Kettle pizza kit

Outdoor pizza kettle grill from Paggi Pazzo

I’m still perfecting the Pizza Kettle Grill myself and can churn out about 3-pizzas in 15 minutes so it’s a fast cooking machine and not a bad alternative to a bigger, heavier brick oven pizza (though I plan to have one someday soon). Check it out for yourself and I think you’ll like the results.

Grilled White Pizzas over wood fire

Grilled White Pizzas over wood fire

Pizza Margherita grilled over wood fire

Pizza Margherita grilled over wood fire

Let it Rip!

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