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What’s on the Grill?

21 Jun

Paggi Pazzo

What am I gonna do with all of this (grilled) paella???

paella over a wood fire grill

Outdoor grilling with paella over a wood fire

There are few things I like to do more than cook/grill and provide good eats for my family and friends. In fact, I’m not so sure there is anything better….maybe some cocktails to go along with those eats? Now we’re talking! I plan on bringing to you easy and for the most part, healthy recipes that feature fresh ingredients that will make your mouth water.

I’ll be adding more and more blog posts as time allows, featuring recipes that include traditional Roman dishes from my own mother’s cucina, videos, images, and posts of smoking and grilling some of my favorite beef, pork, seafood, and chicken recipes.

I’m pretty much doing this to get rich….errrr…. not exactly, but because I have a passion for cooking and grilling, it puts smiles on my family’s faces (especially my 2-year old who loves corn off the grill). Plus my friends love to come by and hang out having a few drinks while the smoker slowly cooks pork spare ribs for 5 plus hours or so.

Stay tuned…..and stay classy San Diego

Paggi Pazzo Grilling and Cucina recipes

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